To be honest, we think the better question would be “Why wouldn’t you build a custom home?” There are so many advantages to building a custom home, especially in the Lower Mainland, it appears to be the most logical choice. In case you need some more convincing, here are some reasons why we think you should build a custom home.

Your blank canvas
One complaint that we hear from people who have bought pre-built homes is that they’re always missing something. The kitchen is too small, there aren’t enough bathrooms, they wished they had more sunlight. When you talk to a custom home builder like Clay Construction, they’ll start by working with you to make sure you have everything you want. The design is blank to begin, and your wants, needs, and dreams go onto the plans. This is a home made especially for your family.

Building a Custom Home

Superior quality
Working with the home builder, you’re making all the decisions concerning the materials used in the build. There are no shortcuts being taken and every worker is one of the best in their field. The tradesmen are experienced professionals and the building code is strategically exceeded. With over 15 years building custom homes, Clay Construction delivers quality above and beyond the other builders.

Greener is better
Great custom home builders exceed the Canadian requirements for environmental standards. Clay Construction is a leader in building healthy, efficient and comfortable homes such as Energy Star, R2000 and Net Zero homes.

Everyone loves showing off their homes. It’s great when someone comes over to visit and you get to give them a walk-through and show off the amenities. Now imagine how it would feel to give them the grand tour of your custom-built dream home. No experience compares to it.

Come and talk to the experienced professionals at Clay Construction and we’ll give you an even longer list of reasons to build your own custom home.

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