Transparent Financials

Our reputation has grown from our commitment to being thorough and transparent when handling our clients’ money.

Clay Construction Estimate

A Thorough Estimate
The process begins with a thorough estimate for your new custom home or major renovation. We incorporate your desired features and finishes into the estimate.

Clay Construction Contract

Approval, Budget and Contracts
When we have your approval of the estimate, we use it to establish the budget, and then we sign the contract(s).

Clay Construction Invoice

Construction Begins
During the course of construction we’ll send you an invoice for work performed on your home during the previous week.

Clay Construction Balance Sheet

Weekly Balance Report
Weekly, you’ll receive a statement of balance left on your account.

Clay Construction Expense Report

Itemized Expenses
Detailed costs versus budget

homeowners manual binder

Homeowner’s Manual
At the end of the project we’ll present you with a comprehensive Homeowner’s Manual on a flash drive.