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30 Reasons Why You Should Choose Clay Construction
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At Clay Construction We Build Houses The Clay Way

Clay Construction prides ourselves in creating a project “The Clay Way”. We value a great working relationship with our clients by delivering exceptional quality, and transparency. Talk to those who have used our services in the past, they trust us. We know that a positive custom home building experience requires many elements. Some the elements we uphold a realistic budget, schedule tracking, detailed reporting systems, high-quality work, and a commitment to after-sales service.

We actively strive for excellence in every aspect of construction. From knowledge, skill, professionalism, and safety, we are top in class. We derive immense satisfaction from embracing unique building challenges and providing a great level of attention to detail. Our commitment goes beyond simply “building your house”; we approach our work with consideration, integrity, honesty, and transparency to ensure your utmost satisfaction throughout the entire process.

1. Starting Smart

starting smart - the clay wayEvery Clay home undergoes structural engineering and professional geotechnical engineering (as needed) to ensure greater security for the homeowner.

2. Right On The Money

Right On The Money - the clay wayHomeowners want peace of mind, and we deliver it. You want to know that your budget is credible and costs are being closely tracked. Have a look at our Transparent Financials for more details on how we manage your precious resources.

3. A Firm Footing

A Firm Footing - the clay wayMany builders pour their footing and foundation in one pour. Why do we do it differently? Because pouring footing and foundation at one time results in a 1×4 wood piece remaining embedded in the concrete every two to three feet throughout the foundation. Over time, this wood rots and gives water a path to travel past the foundation and into the home under the slab. We pour the footing and foundation separately so no wood is ever trapped in the concrete, a critical step to ensuring a dry basement.

4. Smart Drainage For A Dry Basement

Smart Drainage For A Dry Basement - the clay wayA flooded basement is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Many builders use the cheaper “Big O” exterior drainage pipe to remove ground water from around the home and keep the basement dry. But Big O pipe becomes clogged easily, and cannot be cleared without damaging the pipe. That means the pipe must be dug up. To save money and headaches, all of our homes come with perforated PVC pipe and multiple cleanout access points. This smart investment now will increase the chances that your basement stays dry well past the warranty period.

5. Water Out, Confidence Up

5. Water Out, Confidence UpOn the outside of each foundation we install an air gap SUPERSEAL dimpled membrane to prevent moisture penetration. We’re so confident in its effectiveness that it’s backed up by a 40-year material and 10-year labour warranty. With over 20,000 documented installations there has never been a reported failure of this membrane.

6. Behind the Drywall

6. Behind the DrywallWe take hundreds of photos of the entire construction process. We’ll even take video at critical stages. We take over a hundred photos of the home before we insulate. This makes it possible for us to trace wires, pipes, and waterlines long after your home is finished. Knowing what’s behind the drywall is invaluable in the event that you decide down the road to move a door or window or add a light fixture. You’ll get a copy of all photos on flash drive on completion of your home.

7. Energuide Rating

7. Energuide RatingWhile most builders struggle to get over 80, we have averaged over 85 on our last 8 projects. Not only do our homeowners receive up to a $3200 rebate, their lower energy bills will be the gift that keeps on giving for the life of their home. Check out the Energuide program for more information on this government program or view one of our reports.

8. Airtight

8. AirtightAn airtight home is an efficient and comfortable home. Attention to detail, conscientious subtrades, and strategic use of spray foam helps to achieve an airtight home on a budget. Our average 1.94 air changes per hour for the previous 8 projects is far superior to the industry average. We blower door test each home.

9. R2000

9. R2000An R2000 home has superior energy efficiency, indoor air quality and the use of environmentally responsible products and materials. Read more about the R2000 standard at the following link: R2000. Clay Construction is a certified R2000 builder.

10. Superior Wall Assembly

10. Superior Wall AssemblyYour home is a system and understanding building science is critical to constructing an efficient home with superior longevity and comfort. Exterior rigid insulation is one approach that greatly reduces thermal bridging and increases effective insulation values.

11. Healthier Homes

11. Healthier HomesIn an age of increasing health awareness, many are turning to healthier homes. Increasing ventilation, reducing harmful products and installing low VOC (volatile organic compounds) are some methods used to reduce harmful toxins.

12. Purchasing Power

12. Purchasing PowerMany years of building homes, loyal suppliers, and a positive reputation in the industry provides us with low prices for construction products. These hard earned low prices are passed on to our homeowners.

13. Protecting the Consumer

13. Protecting the ConsumerThe Greater Vancouver Home Builders Association (GVHBA) is a non-profit association and is the voice for protecting consumers. Larry serves on the board of Directors and has served on the GVHBA technical committee and the education and training committee for close to 10 years.

14. Squeak Free

14. Squeak FreeAll sub-floors are glued and screwed to minimize the possibility of squeaks. This is one of many critical steps that need to be taken to ensure a quiet floor. Ask us about other steps we take to deliver a quiet, solid floor.

15. Builder Trend

Accurate and timely communication is essential for a positive building experience. See our video at Builder Trend to see how we communicate with our clients. From the schedule, budget, inspections, daily logs, photographs, contracts, permits and worksafe clearance letters we upload these items to BuilderTrend.

16. Digitalized Documentation

Digitalized Documentation - the clay wayIt is imperative that all parties have access to pertinent documents during the build. We scan all architectural plans, structural plans, permits, inspections and quotes. Access to information reduces the chance of mistakes and increases productivity.

17. Building Science

Building Science - the clay wayBuilding science is helping us build homes that are more energy efficient, comfortable, and less prone to rot, decay, and mould. Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) is one example of an innovative building technology that helps us achieve our goal of homes that keep on giving.

18. BBB Rating = A+

BBB Rating = A+ the clay wayThirteen years in business and we have achieved an A+ rating. Doing business The Clay Way protects our clients.

19. Delivering Dream Kitchens

Delivering Dream Kitchens - the clay wayLet us design a kitchen that would impress a chef, and exceed your wildest dreams. Beyond high end appliances, may we suggest a cappuccino machine, a wine cooler, an over-the-range pot filler, vacuum kick pan, low voltage lighting, and countertop plugs on their own dedicated circuit? If you can dream it we can deliver it.

20. Quality First

20. Quality FirstThere are many decisions to make and products to pick during a renovation or custom home build. We work with you to understand these important choices and can steer you to find top quality finishings.

21. Grand Georgie Winner

21. Grand Georgie WinnerHaving your home built by a Grand Georgie Winner and industry leader provides value. Who wouldn’t want to buy a home built by a reputable and credible builder who will stay in business well past the warranty of the home.

22. Wow Within Budget

22. Wow Within BudgetA selections coordinator provides professional direction that leads to a solid plan of action. The order of sequence in a design plan is key in executing a smooth build schedule. This will not only keep costs in line with the budget but also ensure time is used most effectively.

23. Peter Simpson Reward

23. Peter Simpson RewardThe GVHBA has approximately 800 member companies. Peter Simpson was CEO of the GVHBA for 19 years and championed integrity and professionalism in the industry. To be singled out for integrity amongst many great members is truly humbling and honoring. The Peter Simpson award is presented to one GVHBA member who exemplifies integrity, high ideals and positive attitude in their business.

24. Keeping Moisture Out

24. Keeping Moisture OutBefore we insulate, we make sure the home has acceptable moisture levels. Moisture trapped in walls will promote rot, decay, and mold thus reducing the longevity of your home. A healthy home requires a dry wall assembly.

25. Detailed Driveways

25. Detailed DrivewaysGarage floors, driveways and sidewalks are compacted and reinforced with steel before the concrete is poured. An empty PVC pipe is placed under driveway for future needs, whether for underground wiring or a water line.

26. Universal Design

26. Universal Design“Universal Design” which means that it is barrier-free, accommodates the mobility, sight, and hearing impairments of the owners, is healthy for anyone but particularly for the owners with allergies and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS), and conforms to current concepts for aging in place.

27. Here to the End

27. Here to the EndBefore you move in to your new Clay Construction home, we will lead you through a detailed, room-by-room orientation and answer all your questions. We’ll inspect each room together, and if anything isn’t perfect, we’ll address it in a timely manner.

28. Deficiency Due Dilligence

28. Deficiency Due DilligenceBefore the end of the year, settling and drying of the home will occur, causing various deficiencies in the finishing. We want to keep our homeowners happy. Attentive service when these issues arise assures the homeowner has peace of mind.

29. Comprehensive Manual

29. Comprehensive ManualWe’ll create your custom Homeowners Manual – a comprehensive source of information for your new home – on a handy flash drive. It provides you with everything you need to know about the products and services used in the construction of your home. It also include photos, videos and important documents acquired during the build.

30. Ongoing Warranty

30. Ongoing Warranty

Travelers Guarantee Company of Canada ensures peace of mind through ongoing warranty support. Each of Clay Construction’s homes comes with a Travelers’ Home Warranty with comprehensive coverage including:


  • 1-year warranty against defects in materials and labour;
  • 2-year warranty on the supply and distribution of mechanical systems (plumbing, heating, electrical, ventilation, air conditioning, etc.) in the home;
  • 5-year warranty for any building envelope defects;
  • 10-year warranty for any structural defects.


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