A new building code training program has been introduced to BC’s Construction industry. This voluntary program for contractors looks to educate and address workplace bullying and harassment on construction sites across the province.

While many worksites have policies on-site safety and construction’s best practices, there can be a lack of clear policies on bullying. This can lead to discrimination and harassment. Which results in high employer turnover, legal problems, or employee productivity issues.

Directed toward construction company owners, executives, and HR managers, this one-day training course looks to explore and address the previously mentioned issues, as well as how to enable an acceptable workplace culture, and the tools available to assist with this. Completion of the workshop will allow individuals to implement new and better systems that help to build a safe, inclusive, and diverse construction site, free of harassment, bullying, and hazing.

For BC, this new training program will help to make construction more efficient. Workplaces free of negative behaviors tend to be more productive, and employees are less likely to be away for illness or other excuses. In a province that is starving for skilled laborers, a potential increase in productivity is a huge gain. In 2019, having reasonable and clear expectations for workplace behavior is a must.

For more information on the new building code training program, you can check out the website by clicking here. You can also navigate to “Training” to look at how you can benefit from this training for yourself or your business.

Please contact Clay Construction if you have any further inquiries about building codes.

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