Everyone dreams of owning their dream home, which for many of use could be some custom home renovations away. For many people, they dream of that day of building a new home, on a new piece of property, making decisions on every facet of their new home.

But in many cases, they’re already living in their dream home. They’ve already found the perfect location, love their neighbours, and they already enjoy many of the little extras they’re looking for, but they just want to turn their current home into something even more special.

The Clay Way

The Clay Construction team are experts at renovating your home. We aren’t just custom home builders and custom home designers. We’re also custom home renovations experts in taking what’s already been built and improving it wherever we can. In fact, we’ve got so much experience and expertise, that we can make renovations even easier for you. Whether they’re building codes or city permits, we can work with any renovation that you might be interested in.

Custom Home Renovations in Vancouver

For example, let’s say that you’ve decided on a kitchen renovation. You want to open up your home, knock out some walls, remove a doorway to the balcony, and change the layout of the plumbing. We’ll discuss every aspect of the remodel with you, from the budget to the architecture, and create a perfect plan for moving ahead. After designing the renovation and establishing the budget, you sign contracts and we’re off and running.

Or perhaps you want something even bigger. With a complete home renovation, we can provide you with all the information you need and our name is your guarantee that we’re going to do the best work possible.

Once the renovation is complete, we walk you through your home, making sure that all the details are correct. Your happiness is our highest priority and we highly value that trust you’ve placed in us to make you home better than before.

At Clay Construction, our expertise and experience can help transform your current home into the dream home you’ve always wanted. We’re Vancouver’s best choice for home renovations.

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