We’ve all heard about building something “to code.” We hear that on construction and home repair shows all the time. These are a set of rules that builders must follow that the government has made so that a home owner knows that their home is safe and well-built.

But Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) has also created an EnerGuide system that provides ratings for homes based on their level of energy efficiency. This system uses a scale of 1 to 100, with the average new home sitting at a 72.EnerGuide Rating System for Homes

More energy-efficient homes are rated at an 80 or higher. Homes that are built with a rating of 80 or higher use better insulation, heating systems, air sealing, and in many cases, some form of solar energy usage. They will also have better indoor air quality.

An EnerGuide builder is someone who has been licensed and registered by NRCan to provide energy smart homes that rate higher than 80. While most builders have a hard time getting that 80 certification, Clay Construction has averaged over 85 on their most recent projects.

When you start planning out your new home, think about using an energy efficient builder. They’re properly trained and licensed to provide you with the most cost-effective home. You can feel better by building a house that uses less energy, lowering the effect you have on the environment around you.

But the biggest advantage to having a home with a rating over 80 is the financial one. First, you can get up to $3200 back from the government. Second, your energy bills will drop while you’re living there. And third, your home is now more valuable when you decide to sell.

Now that you’re ready to build a new home, think Energy Smart from the start and think about all the benefits you’ll enjoy.

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