We are all different. We are unique. We say it so often that it has lost much of its meaning, it has become a cliché. But then, most clichés are built upon some basic truth, and when it comes to your home – the way you live it, the way your family inhabits it – recognizing that truth is a fundamental part of getting it done right.

One-size-fits all construction fits no-one. No family of four is just any family of four, no newlywed couple is a prototypal couple, nor is a retired couple, a bachelor or a single mother merely a generic set of data parameters.

We all have different outlooks, taste, habits and needs. They impact on the way we live, the things we seek for in a home, the needs we look to fulfill.

A Custom Home in Greater Vancouver, Just for You

iPad Showing Rendering With BlueprintsAt Clay Construction we have worked for many years from Vancouver, British Columbia, and the Lower Mainland creating homes that are custom build and designed specifically for their owners.

We know the first and most important part of our work is to listen to you. But our extensive experience have taught us that sometime listening is not enough: we learned to ask the right questions, to help you tell us things which you couldn’t have imagined you needed to tell us.

Our emphasis on consultation is an integral part of the entire process from design to finish. We begin by helping you fill an extensive questionnaire to outline your needs and desires. We will take you to see the homes we have built and show you our projects online to stimulate the flow of ideas.

At every step we will discuss with you the alternatives with an understanding but informed approach, so that you can take part in the decisions but never feel the burden of them. As the design ideas encounter the realities of the terrain, the materials, the regulations and the costs, you will have all the information and support you need to come up with the right choices.

At the end of the journey, you will have a house that you can call your home, in every sense of the way.

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