You’ve been saving your money, counting your nickels, and you’ve found the perfect piece of property for your dream home. Now you need to find a home builder. So who is the right builder for your needs?

Choosing the Right Home Builders

Before you do anything, you want to know exactly what those needs are. Do you need a custom home design or have you already found the perfect plans? Are you looking for something environmentally friendly? Economical? Elegant? Elaborate?

Make a List

We recommend sitting down and making a list of everything you need in your new home. Be specific. The clearer you can be when talking to a home builder, the better the process will be. So if your dream is to have a gigantic man cave, or a chef-ready kitchen, or windows everywhere, they need to know this.


Next, do your research. Use the internet and talk to people. What you’re looking for is an experienced custom builder who knows how to work in the Vancouver area. Any good home builder will be more than happy to show you their resume, their history of work, and give you a list of previous clients who will tell you exactly what they were like to work with.


Finally, look at the kinds of homes they’ve worked on. Can they vary their styles, their plans, and work to give the owners exactly what they need? Or do they follow the same, cookie-cutter style and all their construction looks exactly the same? Do their designers listen to the clients or do they force their own ideas on them? This can give you a really good idea of what they’re capable of achieving for you.

Find the Right Custom Home Builders Today!

Or you could contact Clay Construction and contact the right custom builder from the start. Whether it’s West Vancouver, New Westminster, or anywhere in the Lower Mainland, they have proven their skills and experience again and again. They will match your needs and make sure you’re happy with your new dream home.

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