Introducing: The Clay Way

Clay Construction takes pride in building right, right from the start. We call it The Clay Way. In our blog posts we’ll share in-depth knowledge of our building style. Issues facing home owners as they navigate new home builds and renovations will be discussed. We’ll explain what to look for and what to watch out for and how Clay Construction gets it right. We start with the aptly name Starting Smart, the first in our series.

Starting Smart

A quality builder is one who makes sure that the houses they build not only look good, but retain their good looks far into the future. The key to preventing issues such as settling cracks, water ingress or sloping floors is working with a team that has the expertise to ensure your home is built to the highest engineering standards. Clay Construction involves structural and geotechnical engineers, in conjunction with an architect, to ensure that your dream home will withstand the test of time.

Structural Engineer
A structural engineer is responsible for ensuring that all calculations for load bearing, structural design and capabilities are met. They work with the architect to ensure the building is designed to meet the appropriate building codes. Should you have a design feature such as a green roof or a feature glass wall the structural engineer will also be integral to executing the design.

Geotechnical Engineer
Depending on your building site, you may require the services of a geotechnical engineer. If needed, the engineer will inspect the site to identify the soil substrate types and any other issues pertaining to the unique environment of your site. In our wet and mountainous area a geotechnical advisor is often imperative to assure your home’s and family’s safety.

Working Together
Clay Construction recognizes that the key to a secure build is the coordination and collaboration of the team. We make sure that your project starts smart by establishing a team of trusted engineering professionals. We work with engineers that are members of the Professional Engineers Association of BC and, as such, must carry liability insurance for errors and omissions, giving you that additional level of security. This team work and cumulative knowledge ensures that your home is built to the highest standards and will stay looking beautiful far into the future.

That’s The Clay Way.

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