Letters of Reference

May 13th, 2015

To Whom it May Concern

In January 2009, my wife and I purchased a piece of property in Burnaby knowing absolutely nothing about building a custom home. Our search for a builder to build our dream home included interviewing over a dozen custom home builders, touring homes with four of them before finally settling with Larry Clay from Clay Construction.
The building experience with the Clay Construction team exceeded our expectations. Their processes are transparent and their promises were exceeded.  Larry did what he said he would do and at no time during the process did we question his integrity, character, or intentions.  Larry is a man we trust implicitly.
The staff at Clay Construction carry the same vision.  The site supervisors are sincere and clearly communicated that they have our best interests at heart.  They are honest and dependable. Similarly, the office staff are prompt, transparent, and helpful.
The best way to summarize our experience is to tell you since we first met Larry in 2009, he has built my brother’s home, my sister’s home, three additional investments properties for our family and will be starting a major renovation at my parent’s home in the fall.
I’m proud to call Larry Clay a great friend and I will not hesitate recommend him to others.


Karim and Tasleem Walji

May 12, 2015

To Whom It May Concern:

Before deciding upon a contractor to build our home for us, my wife and I thought long and hard about the process and the type of Company and individuals we wanted to deal with. I had the opportunity to speak with a number of contractors and get a feel for the way they did business and see the quality of their finished homes. Larry Clay and Clay Construction Inc. were by far the most professional and impressive to deal with. Larry presented a thorough and detailed binder that represented the initial quote and then showed us the impressive online accounting system that the Company has developed and sets it apart from other contractors. It shows how every penny during the construction process was being spent and how it compared to the original budget and was supported by invoices from the sub-trades.

Larry also showed us three different homes that the Company had recently completed and this not only gave us comfort as to the quality of the finishing, but also gave us ideas for our own home.

The transparent nature of the accounting system was the initial reason for us choosing Clay Construction Inc. The construction process was smooth and the sub-trades were a pleasure to work with. Larry himself was always available to answer questions via e-mail and phone as well as in person on site. He was always easy to get a hold of and showed great patience and professionalism.

The biggest endorsement we can give is that if we build a new home again, it will be Clay Construction Inc. that we call first to manage the project. I also recommend them to anyone who is looking to build a new home.

Kind regards,
Amrit & Balvinder Sidhu

May 14, 2015

To Whom It May Concern:

I reflect on my home ownership experience and general dealings with Larry Clay a.k.a. “Clay Construction” with feelings of great satisfaction. I expected a good deal of value from our Clay built home from the onset since it was evident that the house at 2755 162 St. Surrey BC was built solidly, and with quality products. What I did not expect, was that the builder, Larry, would stand behind his product in every way.

On our first walk-through the house, we were encouraged to make a list of minor deficiencies (touch-ups) with the promise they would be corrected to our satisfaction. There was little-to-nothing to be done that could have improved the outstanding job Clay Construction did with the finishing on this very beautiful home. Upon closer inspection, every corner of each room within the 4,200+ square feet of space looked perfect to me; the house exceeded my expectations. Along with the touch-ups, we were promised the new house 2/5/10 warranty. We were also told that because Larry stood behind his build and lived locally, he would be available to answer any questions or future concerns about the house if need be. I was taken by surprise with the suggestion that a builder would make himself available to the owners after the sale of the home, if even to talk on the phone! This alone would surpass every expectation in my mind of a builder’s involvement. I imagine this practice – to be available to the homeowner months, (years?) after the sale is complete – to be outside the scope of what other custom home builders practice.

BBB Accreditation Continued:

In the four years that we resided in the home, there were certainly 3 or 4 (5 instances even?) that led us to call on Larry. To name an example or two, when the neighbor dug out his backyard too close to our house and the sidewalk slanted and tile(s) cracked as a result, Larry offered to replace the entire walkway. When we hired him to bring his crew to the house and erect an interior wall to divide a large room as well as build a concrete sidewalk in our yard, he was transparent with us about all costs, efficiently completing the job in expert fashion.

What impressed me most, is that Larry follows through on all things promised, every time. When it was discovered the gas stove had a minute leak from the back of the unit, Larry called on his contacts at Trail Appliances and promptly had the unit replaced, delivering on his promise for warranty.

I am not aware, nor have I met anyone else in my life who has shown such solid follow-through and after-sales service as Larry Clay from Clay Construction has. As a customer, it is in my personal dealings over the years I have known Larry that he has built complete confidence and trust for himself and his business. His name, (and the name of his company) has now become synonymous to me with ‘Quality’ and ‘Integrity’. Others in my subdivision who purchased a Clay Construction home had similar experiences to share. They know only too well that Larry is a rare individual, trustworthy and honest, with a keen willingness to please his customers. In our present world, this excellence in behavior is commendable, and so should be recognized and celebrated.


Alexandra Ellemo