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Air Quality Starts at the Foundation

To improve your home’s air quality, start at the foundation. I received a call from a woman who had placed an offer on an expensive home in Vancouver. She wanted a renovation to this home, since she could not be in this home without quickly feeling sick. The home smelled musty, and she couldn’t bear the […]

Get It In Writing

Let me start with a true story. I met a lady selling a lot and she started to share her story. Their plan was to subdivide, build a custom home on the one side and sell the other lot to pay for the cost of building their dream home. They would be mortgage free and […]

Radon Gas – The Good, the Bad and Ugly

The good news is that radon gas is generally not a problem in the lower mainland. The bad news is that is does still occur in some locations in Metro Vancouver and the ugly news is radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer in Canada.   In the Metro Vancouver area, radon […]

The Perfect Wall

Your choice of wall assembly will not only affect the energy efficiency and the longevity of your home but will also affect the air quality through the presence of moisture and mould in your wall. A small investment into this wall assembly will provide benefits to not only the operating costs but more importantly the […]

Effective vs Nominal R-values

The City of Vancouver has recently implemented their new Vancouver building code. One small change affects the insulation of exterior walls. Previously, exterior walls needed to be at a nominal R22 insulation level. The new code requires effective R22 insulation levels. What difference does this make? Nominal insulation is the R-value of the insulation batt […]

Cost Plus Contract versus the Fixed Price Contract

by Larry Clay In the residential custom home industry, there are two contract types; fixed price and cost-plus. Homeowners need to understand each type of contract and decide which one best fits their needs. Cost Plus The cost-plus contract charges the cost of all materials and labour plus an agreed upon percentage applied to all […]

8 Steps To Achieve a Dry Basement

by Larry Clay Case Study I met with homeowners this week whose home had water coming into their basement. They were stressed from the potential costs and inconvenience to their life. Remediation after the fact would be exorbitant. This home was typical of many homes where the builder’s only goal was to pass inspection, build […]